Hof ten Dormaal

Hof ten Dormaal är ett litet gårdsbryggeri baserat i Tildonk, Belgien. Bryggeriet grundades 2009 som ett komplement till deras övriga gårdsaktiviteter. Bryggeriets målsättning är använda så mycket som möjligt av sina egna produkter i sina öl. Detta innebär att de odlar sin egen bitterhumle, som är av typen Magnum, korn, vete och vattnet kommer från deras egna brunn. Den enda ingrediensen de köper in är jäst.

Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal from Tildonk, Belgium began operations in May of 2009. Prior to that, it existed as a family farmstead dating back several centuries. Roughly 30 years ago, the farm fell into the hands of the Janssens family, who for decades had no intentions of making beer. “We are famers first, not brewers,” owner Andre continues to say. But indeed that changed a couple of years ago when the family decided to install a brewery on their grounds in order to make their farm more financially sustainable. The point of the brewery was to be very traditional, yet strictly ecological. This was not going to be an ordinary brewery. It was going to be a nearly 100% selfsustaining brewery. They’d grow all their own grain, grow all their own hops, cultivate their own yeast strain, and even power the brewery with rapeseed oil that they themselves would produce. Ambitious, yes. Crazy, one could argue. But the dream is now indeed a reality, and as far as we know, there’s no other commercial brewery anywhere else in the world doing anything quite like it. To make matters better…their beers are stunning. Simple, yes, but they are designed to be – each brew containing a single grain, single hop, and single yeast strain. They are, however, nothing short of exquisite. Original Belgian farmhouse ales brewed strictly via traditional methods.


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