White Pony

Hos White Pony är ölbryggning en konstform. Spökbryggaren Roberto Orano är en italienare med en belgisk far, som tack vare detta valt att fokusera på belgiska öl med en twist där experimentella lustan är stor. Roberto provbrygger allt på ett litet bryggverk hemma hos sina föräldrar innan det är dags att skala upp på ett stort kommersiellt bryggeri.

Roberto's egna ord

"We don't want to boring you with the usual foregone words as "we use the best ingredients", it's just obvious! Our beers are 100% natural! What we really want to make is to let people think while they are drinking a beer, make them happy and make them socialize all together. We like to imagine that you'll find all our emotions and passion through a bottle. My passion about craft beer was born years ago, when i was very young i drunk shitty commercial beer with friends, my father told me everytime 'belgian beer is the best'. After some time i discovered it and i thought it was the best. So i started ordering lot of beers from the web to grow my palate and taste everything possible, to collect old abbey glasses and old full bottles and traveling to Belgium. Then after some travels, i started with homebrewing and let people taste my beers with positive feedbacks.

I have studied nursery but was impossible to find a good job here, so i thought to invest all my few money in my big passion, you know, is better to kill yourself with your own hands than to let someone make you a slave. In 2012 i organized it all and in 2013 i have started brewing professionally. The first batch of Oracle was presented by me in Belgium with a oracle stewed meat and it was a success, and the beer went sold out in approx a week. From 2013 WP is also financing Unicef and a nigerian friend that comes here every wednesday. Beer is life! This is the WP story"

Några medaljer har White Pony plockat upp på vägen

2013 top ten at kerst bier festival Essen with The Prophet Bourbon Reserva
2014 top ten at jkerst bier festival Essen with December Flower
6-7 beers in theitalian top5p by ratebeer (check it please)
Golden medal at Birrinitaly 2015 with Autonomy Lost (and silver medal with The Oracle)
Voted in the top 30 beers imported in Sweden by ...din'tremember the blog's name sorry:)


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